Heads in the sand.

Attention to details are important in life. People tend to only notice the things which they believe affect them, not realizing most of what happens around them will affect them in some way down the road. I love technology. It helps make life easier and allows us to engage in many more activities over the course of a day. People benefit from the use of these devices. Too many people, however, become consumed by their devices.

I have seen people walk into walls because they had their heads glued to their smartphones.  The other day I entered a service station and this woman had her head glued to her phone. I stood at the counter for a couple of minutes before she noticed that someone had entered the store. It is odd to me that people always have to supplement actual interaction with people for interaction with a device. I’m not the most personable guy in the world, and I’m not the greatest at making friends. It isn’t a surprise to me that people have difficulty interacting, when they spend ninety percent of their time texting or informing people of an upcoming bowel movement via online post.

I see people driving by my house, texting on their phones and not even watching the roads. Texts are more important to them, than the lives of others or themselves. I grew up old school, I suppose. I believe there is a time and a place for all things. Driving down the road isn’t one of them. Checking out at the store isn’t one of them either. It is fortuitous that we should have all of these movies and shows about zombies. If you pay attention you will see real life zombies every day. It disgusts me that people don’t take the time to interact with people. Everyone needs to unplug from time to time and smell the roses. Instead of living our lives in a box seeking the approval of others in a virtual world, we should go out in the real world and do the things we know are right and save social networking for our leisure time.



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