The Sea of Apathy

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned or I’ve just been cut from a different cloth. I like to think of myself as an independent thinker. I’m proud of having a mind of my own. I happily don’t follow the masses of seemingly mindless people that behave more like a herd of cattle. It’s groupthink to a mind-numbingly extreme degree. People, for the most part, don’t have principles of their own. They might espouse this or that to make themselves look good, but they follow the crowd instead of what they should at least know is right.

I have witnessed people reacting to stories about public officials engaged in corruption and other grievances against our constitution, they flippantly say “What’s the big deal, everyone else did it?”. This attitude greatly disturbs me. Two wrongs don’t make a right. One person committing an offense and getting away with it shoudn’t be a license for someone else to come along and do the same. Its time to bring the hammer down on this type of careless attitude. Life isn’t a game, there are no victimless crimes.

If you just observe people for a small amount of time each day, you will see the herd mentality. I don’t know if these people have been programmed to behave in this manner. I know that it sure seems like it. It’s either that or they are conformists in the extreme. I believe conformists to be uninteresting and largely unintelligent people. If a person can’t think for themselves, if they place such little value on their own opinions, I don’t understand how they even survive from day to day.

It is best to have your own opinions and do your own research on everything! In today’s world, there is too much disinformation out there and just outright falsehoods. The herd mentality is dangerous. If you behave like all the rest it’s very easy to predict your reactions to everything, and during a crisis, what you will do and where you will go. Independent thought and critical thinking are a must. Do you want to be predictable and live your life based on lies? Would you rather live your life in pursuit of the truth? When things get bad all those people you want to be like and transform yourself for won’t be there to help you or your family. They are lost, they are slaves to a narrative. It makes them feel good to follow the crowd, and read distracting stories about celebrities, or watch football. That way they can ignore the issues that really matter, and they don’t have to form an independent thought!!


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