The Virtue of Self-determination


Life is like a labyrinthine tunnel with twists and turns that seemingly have no end. One makes the best choices with the information available to navigate the elaborate intricacies of existence. Making sense of it is a constant struggle for us all. It becomes more complicated when others seek to exert their will upon our decisions.  It would appear that there are those that aren’t happy with their own lives, so they wish to spread misery to their fellow man. Do unto others should be a motto by which we all live. I want to see a world where we live and let live, for suffering shall find us all, and we should always avoid visiting it upon our brethren.

There was a time when neighbors helped each other when one of them had fallen on hard times. These same community members might indeed have seen a lot of one another, but they rarely sought to tell another individual how they should live their life. It was recognized that people were different and thus the way they choose to exist would also be different. Yes, sometimes more fringe lifestyles did create a distance between community members, but respect was still there.

Today, we only seem to respect people that agree with us. There was an era when respect wasn’t something that had to be earned. The idea nowadays that such needs to be earned is an affectation of what passes for the modern man. Respect was given until there was a reason to revoke it, and that is how it should always be. The culture has been taken over by puerile parodies of mature adults. It’s likely that the creatures many of us have become would not survive in times past. We would be seen for what we are, lacking in decency and honor and surely would be eradicated.

In modern communities, we form councils that tell others how they must live their lives. We all had a roadmap for existence at one time on which we all agreed. This roadmap has been corrupted by the soulless caricatures that deign to know best. So this set of priorities varies from place to place, but it can be boiled down to someone is more enlightened and knows how everyone else should operate. The people that seek to tell the rest how to live haven’t lived a day in their lives. They are consumed by the need to control others, and they have no personal goals or passions beyond that. We call them busy-bodies, but what they are, are twisted amalgamations of centuries of poor breeding by their intellectually inferior ancestors. It is common knowledge that the witless among us breed at a higher rate than the rest, and thus statistically are more likely to inhabit authoritative positions. After all, the vast majority of those voting vote for a pretty face or a beautiful smile. What does that say about the intelligence among the masses?

I don’t advocate lawlessness or any form of anarchy. I do advocate for the individual, and the rights of that individual to live as they see fit as long as they do not harm others.  The idea that some council can tell a person how they might decorate their yard, or what type of crops they plant goes against the very founding principles of liberty and flies in the face of pure human dignity. We need to respect everyone until they prove they aren’t worthy of that respect. There are no blanket answers to perceived community problems other than respecting the rights and individual liberties of every citizen. We are better than this, and while much of the past is horror, there are virtues there that we have long discarded that society would benefit from re-embracing. The dystopian future we head towards that seeks to abandon honor, integrity, and mutual respect is far more horrific than even the most egregious errors of our past. We can build a better world, but the rights of the individual must be placed at the forefront.  We must be able to chart our course whether right or wrong as long as we harm no others, or we risk slipping into a totalitarian future where privacy is a mirage from a past that will seem like a mere fantasy.

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