The Confidence Man

An illusion is a key to escaping the harsh realities one faces each day. We dive into television programming or video games knowing that we are willfully participating in deception designed to entertain and distract us from life. This is debatably mostly harmless behavior as if serves as a form of stress relief. It stands to reason that with a vast customer base seeking to be deceived, that many would spring forth willing to oblige.  This has given rise to a seedy underbelly of both men and women that wish to use our predilection for buying into falsehoods to prey on the downtrodden and elderly citizenry. This is primarily relegated to late night television but has also expanded in the form of electronic communication over the internet.

Psychics are one form of deception to which many pay top dollar. They work in much the same manner as other charlatans. They pry just enough information out of their victims that they can paint the picture that the unfortunate soul wants to see. It only takes a basic knowledge of psychology, and the human condition and these regrettable people become pliable and easily manipulated. This has been a successful business throughout history, and the process of exposing the fakery has also proven lucrative. Some may indeed possess some sixth sense, but by and large, they are just looking to make a buck off of the broken-hearted and disillusioned among us.

A branch of the psychic phenomenon is what we call mediums.  They take the deception a step further, and also the pain that they cause already hurting family members.  They, of course, claim to be able to communicate with the spirits of the dead. What they usually do is hire a researcher that functions as a de-facto private investigator to learn as much as they can about their victim. Then the all too familiar cliched seance is used with as much pomp and circumstance as is required. They hope to dazzle the person they wish to fleece with added audible and not infrequently physicals manifestations of objects moving with the obvious mission of increasing the believability of their claimed powers. A simple search will reveal a treasure trove of cases in which these unprincipled fools were called out on their deception and proven false in every way.

The third category has to do with these so-called prosperity preachers. They encapsulate their deception in people’s desire to worship their God and believe in a higher power. These effeminate “men” with their years of plastic surgery prey primarily on the elderly population. I promise when you see these men, you see the absolute evil and self-aggrandizement in their eyes. Eyes that grin from knowing that they are using people’s love of money and God to promise them prosperity on Earth when God-fearing people should only be worried about in Heaven. They pledge if you just sow your seed of some random amount of money that God will return it to you three-fold. They act as if God needs money, and that he functions as a celestial stock market. The only people that prosper under these teachings are the irreligious mongrels that peddle this sacrilege to our most vulnerable citizenry. It makes a mockery out of honest and loving Pastors and Preachers across the land, and it does a disservice to all of the Christian faith. I would personally enjoy and even help to bring down these corrupt and deceptive men, for they drive people away from the faith while masquerading as a proponent of it.

These are just a few examples of people that play on the emotions and needs of others to deceive them. Sadly, this also happens quite often in personal relationships, which is probably how these lowlifes came up with the idea in the first place. It is probably safest and best to only trust a few people with the nucleus of your life’s desires and needs. Trust is something that is earned, and shouldn’t be given to any stray dog that wanders across your vision. These confidence men are nothing more than sycophants with only a few tricks up their sleeves. We should protect the vulnerable among us from these flim-flam men. As a society, we need to call out these and all other deceptions and restore honor and virtue to this world in which we live. For too long we have sat by and watched as these deceivers go out and fleece those less able to decipher their intentions. What we enable we endorse in the form of de-facto acquiescence. The minor deceptions have bled over into even greater frauds while most of us look on in silence. Now we exist in a world where even the great deceptions perpetrated by our elected leaders are ignored. The time to stand for honesty and an end to corruption is here and now. The time quickly approaches when it will be too late to change the course of history.

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