The Season of Renewal

It is that time of the year again! The grass will become green, flowers will bloom, and mother nature will embrace us with its warmth. This is my favorite time of the year because everything that was once devoid of vibrancy will blossom into radiant beauty. It is also the time for all of us to take stock of our lives and renew our sense of purpose. This time of the year has no room for negativity and only a positive outlook on the future. I am infused with a purpose and strength that I never feel at any other time of the year and am looking forward to the challenges ahead. 

Gardening is so apropos for this time of the year. I would recommend that anyone regardless of their skill refine and practice their gardening skills.  Gardening is a useful tool for feeling closer to nature, and the sense of satisfaction from the fruits of it are boundless. It gives us all a reason to get out of the house and participate in this bounteous growing season. Whether we have a green thumb or not the rewards of such an endeavor can’t be overstated. Food prices are only going to continue to inflate as wages appear to have stagnated for the foreseeable future. Cultivating the fruits of nature and learning to preserve them long-term can decrease our grocery bills. It isn’t difficult to learn, and the most laborious parts of the experience are often the most rewarding of all.

I would like anyone reading this to commit to getting out of the house and enjoy the beauty of God’s earth this spring and make the most of life. Memories made in happy times steel us against the more stressful times in our lives. With great memories, we build high walls against sadness and despair and keep ourselves from becoming petty and small in our golden years. Years better spent spending time with those younger than us and marveling at their delight in the world. We can make memories now and cherish them later as we teach our children to grow into responsible and caring adults. Life is about learning, but it is also about showing whatever wisdom we can to ease the lives of our progeny.

Let us celebrate spring in all its glory. It is a time of hope and rebirth, and we should cherish it more than any other time of the year. It is time to emerge from our winter slumber and embrace life open-armed and with renewed vigor. We can face the challenges of the future together and defeat all that wish to cast shadows upon the beauty of life. This wonderous time should be spent making memories with those we love and respect. This is my new year. I’m an April child, and the reemergence of life in all its glory inspires me anew each year. I hope that it does the same for all of you. Love your neighbors and your friends, and cherish forever the memories that you share with those closest to you.

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