Umbral Display

You hear the phrase you only get one chance to make a first impression. Such a statement conjures up images of the result of failed attempts at being everything to everyone you meet. If one ever actually becomes everything to everyone then at that point they have lost every connection with their souls. If we must parade about haphazardly placating all we meet then at the end of the day we have been crucial to all and destructive to ourselves. We betray ourselves each day of our lives when we put on facades to perform for others. They never learn the real you, and likely they spend most of their time crafting the perfect face for the world that is equal in self-betrayal. How does society function in a world of shadowy figures that never reveal their true nature? It doesn’t appear that it does with a significant degree of success. Sure we all have basic needs met in most cases, but our hearts turn to stone within a world of lies.  

A world filled with everything that anyone could desire is fantastic. With good though comes a cost. I am not talking about money for we all can lose that rather quickly in this day an age. I’m talking about the essence of what makes us independent and unique human beings.  The soul or spirit is formidable and at times seems indomitable, but years of tearing away at its fabric through deception and betrayal begin to chip away pieces of our humanity.   This is why we see such a violent and massive prison population. Its why wars occur over silliness and many people die because someone made a wrong decision. It is why mothers choose to abort their babies rather than bring a life into this world, due to their bad choices. The loss of our humanity has been gradual, but the plight of future generations due to our disinterest in matters of honor is urgent.

The times dictate that we all peacock around and exaggerate our importance to the world. If we were instead honest, we might find that as a species we could get a lot of good done in this world. We are not honest though, not with ourselves, and usually not with the people we meet. I have at times been maligned and brushed aside in life because I refuse to play that callow game that everyone plays. It hasn’t for a second convinced me that I should change but instead caused me to redouble my efforts to spread the truth to anyone that might care to listen. A change must start with you. People sadly lack in originality and always wish to imitate others rather than journeying out on the ledge themselves. We must dare to be bold and unapologetic in our mission to reignite truth and justice in a society that has forsaken both.

We see this deception in every aspect and social structure within the shattered remnants of what we satirically refer to as civilization. We either consciously or subconsciously ignore this travesty. Change always is upsetting, and we have become stuck in some feedback loop of a low-budget film masquerading as life. This is not the existence that honest and caring human beings are meant to live. We have to start small and hope that we can make a difference for future generations. Living each day cloaked in the shallow comfort of placating lies can only eat away at the moral fabric of humanity. We should strive to embrace honor, integrity, truth, and justice once again. We no longer honor our elders nor do we respect the sanctity of life. We can not continue down this road and expect anything resembling a Utopia to be waiting at the end. The only thing we are likely to find at the end is a sinister beast of our creation waiting to devour what is left our souls. Community outreach and helping those that are downtrodden should be a goal of everyone because we must start low to achieve any lasting success in the restoration of a morality based existence.

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