The Root of the Syrian Conflict

Conflicts throughout history have always materialized due to monetary concerns. Sure as has been taught by the political leaders of old, the real reasons for conflicts are almost never given to the general public.No one would openly support a war based on greed unless they too were getting a piece of the pie. This might sound like a jaded outlook on world affairs, but it is very accurate I can assure you. Our intelligence agencies have a long history of covert actions against foreign governments meant to topple them and failing that to manufacture a compelling reason for embroiling our nation’s soldiers in a war meant only to line the pockets of the elite. While Syria is embroiled in this civil war, the ideologies of the combatants while undoubtedly vital to them is of no consequence to those manipulating the action on the ground. They are tools that men in our outdated intelligence communities use to achieve a political end by not only manipulating the local forces but our very own politicians and citizens at home.

The fervent patriotic cries of men and women that have never seen conflict can always be heard shouting the loudest for the coming war on the horizon. They are the easiest to manipulate, and news of a chemical attack is enough to embolden our political leaders to take action if they believe the will of the people is behind them. The truth is hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children have died in this war that was most certainly orchestrated by clandestine services within our government. There was no outrage as these people were blown to bits, and decapitated by both sides including the ones we backed. The inefficiencies of chemical weapon use as a tool for killing should be well known; it works well in enclosed spaces, such as tunnels, subways, etc. However, a single bomb dropped from an aircraft can cause significantly more destruction to lives and property than we have been told took place here. The point then of using such weapons would be entirely political, as such weapons violate the Geneva Conventions and thus forces the hands of political leaders into action. Politicians don’t care about the loss of life, but to be fair many of them are not aware of all of the black operations that are being conducted. Politicians care about how they are perceived and thus spend their time reacting to situations rather than proactively seeking viable solutions to the world’s problems, and this creates a vacuum which is filled by intelligence operatives that primarily determine much of our foreign policy.

The war in Syria was unmistakeably manufactured to achieve political and economic ends by the intelligence community. Two competing plans for pipelines both of which were to run through Syria are on the table. One of these was sponsored by Russia to help alleviate its dependence on the Ukraine region and make a handsome profit in the process. That’s why it continues to stand by its ally, Assad. The competing pipeline was sponsored by the United States and would run from Qatar through a conquered Syria to Western Europe and companies such as Exxon Mobile, and other contractors would build such a pipeline and would marginalize Russian influence in the region. (

This began under Bush and continued throughout Obama’s presidency, and the drumbeat grew louder for war as the intelligence operators failed to topple the regime as quickly as they had hoped. McCain, the stooge for hawkish interventionist policy, has been a proponent of this approach and is even now using it as an opportunity to trash the current President. Many within the intelligence apparatus are not happy with the current President and aim to use this timely chemical attack, to escalate the situation. Days ago before this attack, the President had said we would pull out of Syria, this of course angered the ‘intelligence’ community that has already bungled this operation. So they seek to paint him and our other politicians into a corner just like in the Obama presidency and force them into action which will likely lead to a broader war.

Benghazi was due in large part to the Cia running weapons to Syrian extremists intent on toppling Assad. While Clinton does deserve some rebuke for how she handled that situation, the fault should be more appropriately on an intelligence community run amok. ( They have a blank check and virtually no oversight to commit atrocities all over the world in the name ‘liberty,’ indeed just another word for money.  Information abounds of their involvements in foreign affairs, and they lack the imagination to change their modus operandi, and that is why I see their stench upon our current dilemma. (

The American people that understand how their country works don’t want wars based upon greed, and we certainly never wish to be placated with the comforting lies of lame propaganda from a dinosaur intelligence community that is still living in the Jurassic period. These agencies need new blood, people that can think outside the box and work as their primary objective to keep America safe. The purpose has become to keep the rich man’s wallet safe. Sociopaths running black operations will never engage in activity that will benefit the average American citizen. They induce genocide worldwide, and then get on TV and tell us we are hated because of ideologies, when in fact we are hated because of cowards that hide in the shadows and pull strings for men disconnected from reality and everyday existence as they sit in their high towers in judgment over the lowly plebs. Checks and balances were the foundation of our nation and have been usurped by institutions within with too much power. Let us not forget these words from Abraham Lincoln, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

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