Personal Growth

We plant seeds in fertile ground and watch the fruits of our labor spring into life. Sometimes they grow into magnificence, and at other times they wither and die, not having deep enough roots to propagate their existence. People are more prominent and exist with infinitely more complexities than simple plant life. However, the seeds we plant in our youths forever alter the course of their lives and the lives of those that they encounter throughout their existence.
Many think that in time we grow spiritually and emotionally into more stable human beings. However, our nature does not change from the person we were in our youth. So the values we instill in our young are of epic importance for their development as human beings. Fundamental changes in our nature usually require great catalysts that completely upset the dynamics of our lives. Most people are fortunate enough not to encounter the cataclysmic events that would foster such a dramatic change in their behavior.
The most pleasing aspects of our character and flaws become magnified throughout the majority of people’s life. Instead of growth, barring some life-changing event, we hone the good and the bad into a chaotic caricature of the child we once were—this problem is even more apparent today than ever before with access to social media. Selfishness and childishness are predominately the rules rather than the exceptions. It is why we see supposedly wise elders process and assess the world as a child and have children’s morality. The world does not seem to make sense, and rational arguments fall on deaf ears in favor of emotional impulses.
If you are like me, you must find it frustrating talking with “adults” that are incapable of viewing the world as it is and instead see it as they wish it to be. We as a society have failed our children. We have produced adults that are nothing more than spoiled children. There is no need to question why the world is a mess; the seeds we plant in the formative years will either bear rich fruit or mentally deficient and emotionally stunted fruit, so we often encounter today. Our children are the future leaders of our countries, companies, and our communities. We owe a debt to them that we can not repay, and we must always strive to give them the tools they need to be confident and capable leaders of tomorrow.
We must do better. As intelligent humans beings, we should strive to create a better world for future generations. Unplanned pregnancies can happen, but they do not typically happen to people with intelligence and foresight. It is another reason why the world is populated by lower tiers of intelligence and those lacking a moral compass. Intelligent people do not procreate without a means of supporting and giving their offspring every advantage. The flipside of this is that those with a loose sense of morality and a limited grasp of reality raise the vast majority of ineffectual human beings we encounter today.
There are no reasonable solutions to this other than training for those not readily equipped for the daunting task of raising responsible and discerning adults. The average IQ is around one-hundred, which is astonishingly low. It has indeed plummeted from just one hundred years ago. Responsible and intelligent adults should produce more children. They tend to be focused exclusively on making a living, and if they produce, children usually produce limited numbers. If we are to raise responsible adults, then no time is more critical than when they are in their early years. Absentee parents and those of limited means are incapable most of the time of raising the responsible adults we need. We have only look at demographics across the spectrum to confirm those findings.
As it is Father’s day, we should focus on good parenting and good sense. Children are our most precious resource, and we owe them all that we are. Neglecting our children means neglecting the future for all!


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