The Timid

Life is ephemeral, leaving us little time to find purpose and meaning. We live in fear of our inevitable demise at the hands of time itself. Because we have this innate fear in us born from the awareness of the fragility of life, fear is a tool used to influence our behavior and make us conform to behavioral standards set by others to suit their agendas. Fear has been an effective means of controlling man from the dawn of organized civilization and before we formed organized communities. We have a biological instinct for self-preservation, an instinct we can never satiate because life will end regardless of our choices in service to survival.
Tragedies, both legitimate and manufactured, are used to enrich the few at the expense of the many. Fear responses remain imbued into our psyches, and we respond most often on instinct and not as high-functioning intelligent human beings. Fear dumbs us down and makes us pliable like clay, easily moldable into whatever embodiment the architects of our fears would have us exhibit. To bring us peace or security, we must not live in a constant state of anxiety that breeds cognition and innovation paralysis.
Threats will always loom over the horizon, but the inescapable fact is that our existence is incredibly finite no matter the danger. Our existence is terminal and brief and will end regardless of what we might do to mitigate the risks we face. We can’t alter our lives in perpetuity in response to threats, either real or imagined. People are too willing to give up freedoms to mitigate dangers that will exist despite the concessions they might make in response. This loss of freedom and rights creates even more hazards for a populace that lives in a constant state of fear-related stress. Tighter control of movements, more laws, and stricter control of information flow constrains a population’s ability to make informed decisions on the future of their lives and those of their children.
Instead of a population that thinks for themselves, we increasingly see a population told what to think but not how to reason. So, we have a population that repeats whatever mantra the “experts” on the evening news espouses. They never bother to look below the surface to investigate the veracity of the claims made. No one questions why it’s always the same experts regardless of the political bent of the government’s propaganda arm in which they choose to pollute their minds. The media has an objective, and the experts have a specific intent. The reason there seems to be only a handful of experts for the topic of the day is simply because of centralized control. If you control the narrative, you restrict the argument from every angle and confine the discussion to a narrow box that you can easily manage.
Such practices discourage honest debate and valid logical reasoning and don’t promote people discovering truths for themselves. We deserve a life of discovery, and not one lived in a stupor generated by endless fears and crises used to promote an agenda other than our own. We all strive for peace and security in our lives. Most of us do not wish to take advantage of our fellow man. We want a little luxury and the freedom to make choices in our lives that we deem righteous. There is no need to fear death, for it comes for us all in the end. If we live our lives out of fear, we are already functionally dead anyway and become puppets for the agendas of people who have no care for us or those we love. We have only one life, and it’s always best if we make the choices for ourselves and not operate under the illusion of choice that comes from being told what and how to think. We made the government, and we made the institutions that serve it. It is there because of us, and for us, we are not here to service it. Yet, increasingly we have been made to believe that we are its servants and not the other way around. Fear brought us here. We must make rational decisions and not react with emotion but with logic. We are our masters; we choose our paths forward. Let it be one of righteousness and compassion for all and one built on freedom for all!

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