Life: The Rapacious Void in our Hearts

As life begins, we live with hope for a satisfying and fulfilling future existence. But unfortunately, life deals us setback after setback, and it is difficult not to become disillusioned. An emptiness fills our hearts as we watch our dreams crumble and disappear into a void of forgotten fantasy. Life is not the fairy tale we get sold as children, and coming to grips with that reality can be a lifelong struggle.


People are not basically good, as we’ve learned from an early age in life. They aren’t evil either but instead reside in between in a distorted gray area. People regarded as the best among us are capable of incredible acts of evil and cruelty. Those undeniably bad are capable of selfless acts of kindness. For all their virtues and faults, human beings all share one critical attribute: selfishness. Self-gratification at the expense of others is not something that rarely occurs but is instead the norm of modern society. I would further say that it has been the hallmark of human existence. History proves that point once you wash away the pretentious facades that people erect in life for the world to see.


We paint ourselves in hues we imagine pleasing to the eyes of others and never present truth to anyone. The people we meet are forever strangers, and we never honestly know anyone. Since we participate in a society that values presentation over substance, we lose ourselves in the fabrication of personas for those we meet in life. We all become jaded, those that see the reality of this world, this agonizing performance of life. The intelligent see, and sometimes I believe the simple-minded have the best chance at real happiness.

Filling the Void in Life

If we are fortunate enough to accrue wealth and physical gratification, we use these two things to fill the emptiness in our hearts. However, such ministrations only serve as a distraction and offer temporary relief for a permanent problem. The world is shrouded in deception. The void within us is made manifest by the falsehoods we perpetuate. Just as doctors often seek to treat the symptoms rather than the disease, we resign ourselves to a shallow existence by refusing to demand more of ourselves and society.

Love in Life

We seek acceptance understanding, and most of us desire love. But unfortunately, love is a mirage for the vast majority of humankind. We don’t love ourselves enough to be honest with the world around us and indeed our very selves. Everyone wants the things they can’t have and shun those that might help heal and fill the void in their hearts. They want an ego boost and a sense of accomplishment to attain the unattainable. They merely search for that which creates an endorphin rush, and the prospect of longevity in relationships is often a secondary concern.

Life: Closing Thoughts

Humans are damaged, and society is merely a picture painted to alleviate the concerns of the masses. Life is painful and instructive. Our selfishness leads to the most unhappiness in our lives. We aren’t satisfied with those that might seek to augment and improve our lives. We strive to paint a beautiful picture for the world. We create an illusion in our choice of partners, homes, cars, and indeed in every aspect of our lives. Until we stop living our lives to project the perfect image and instead live our lives to enrich them and those around us genuinely, we are destined to be depressed and forever jaded. Happiness is not found in unfathomable riches or the most beautiful women but found within ourselves. To change the world and its direction, we must start with the person we see in the mirror every day.


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