Fiscal Responsibility

We as Americans have not done a great job as a society in managing money and staying out of debt. It should hardly be a surprise then at the national level our government is the most significant debtor of us all. The National Debt doubled under President Obama. Conservatives railed against this unrestrained approach to spending the futures of generations to come. They promised a return to fiscal conservatism and to balancing the books of our nation. 

Self-described conservatives have attained power after eight long years of democratic control. We saw “historic” tax cuts which aren’t tax cuts. As taxes will be raised on things such as gasoline which will, in turn, increase the prices of all sorts of other goods that must be transported by petrol operated vehicles. As I suspected at the time, the tax cuts were merely symbolic, meant to imitate an actual accomplishment with little substance. It’s  padding to go on a historical record to say hey look what we did, which is, in fact, nothing at all of significance. It was also labeled a tax reform which it was not, as it reformed nothing. The only significant improvements that have an economic impact that is sustainable over time are the deregulation of industry and construction projects.

It seems that with spending we get the same result regardless of whom is in control. They just spend the money on different sacred cows. This administration of which I had high hopes is on track to create as much debt as the Obama administration did. The economy is firing at a high rate of efficiency, but I believe this is due to false confidence by the hucksters over at the stock exchange, as they are as fickle as teenagers. I hope that our growth continues, but I very much doubt that it will. New things excite boring people, and once the newness wears off, then I believe that confidence in the economy will be on the wain. The economy is based on speculation more so than any real assets. Gold once backed us, now we are just backed by promises that like with most matters of trust are eventually broken.


It seems clear also that we are waiting for the next big spark to ignite the next conflict that will embroil our nation. The elite use wars as engines to drive the economy and to rally a divided people against a common enemy whether real or manufactured. This idea that we should be engaged globally with the inner workings of other countries is ridiculous and dangerous. It invites the same interest from others, such as the United Nations that wishes to dictate how everyone should live. This effects us economically because as a founding member of the UN we have veto power and can determine worldwide economic policies such as the world’s trade currency: The U.S Dollar. I detest the UN but recognize that we can’t withdraw from it because we would then lose our VETO power and quickly find ourselves being dictated to by those that despise us. We could cut all of our funding for the organization and save much money, and perhaps the other member nations that will not prop it up will allow it to fade into oblivion. We would be better without this socialist organization that we created under the guise of preventing conflict, as it has prevented none whatsoever.

If we can’t trust those that claim to be for solving the debt crisis to actually address it, then I believe it’s time for a convention of the states and to institute term limits. We must also take away the monopoly that the rich man has over the political arena. They are not spending their money when they drive us deeper into debt; they are spending yours and mine. We are the ones they raise taxes on while claiming to be cutting them, and these are both democrats and republicans. It happened under both administrations and will continue to happen until we stand up for ourselves as honest and intelligent citizens of this nation. These people care about their bottom line individually, and the financial well-being of their cronies and they wish to sell the American people fairy tales unremittingly. They treat us as children believing if they tell a lie long enough we will begin to believe it. The myth is that they represent their constituents and not their bank accounts. We are their debt slaves, as nothing they do will ever affect them personally only the people that place their faith in these confidence men and women. We are running out of time, they already control the money, and they are trying to control the language. Our constitution was put in place to protect the American people from the government and not the state from the people. We are our masters, and we need to restore our beautiful Republic to its former splendor. Democracy is not what we have even though many of our leaders seemed confused about that. Democracy devolves into tyrannies without exception.  We are a Constitutional Republic, and we will restore the rule of law for all Americans, not just those able to afford legal defense. Eliminating debt starts with removing career politicians.

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