The Greatest Loss

Life is a journey filled with victories, some of them pyrrhic in nature, and losses that leave us in search of where we went wrong. Losing those we love is one of the greatest heartbreaks one can ever suffer. However, if the one we lose is ourselves, then no loss can prepare us for the harsh reality of a world where trust in ourselves is lost, and love for life is but a fading memory. There are many roads that can lead us to the desolate wasteland of self-loathing, the routes that lead to a resurrection of our souls are usually only traversed by hard work and a commitment to being a better person. The seemingly less perilous path is often the most dangerous to our well-being, and we usually take it because it requires little effort. 

To many, life is game a race to finish line only to find that the only finish line in life is death. No matter how hard we might seek to set ourselves above and apart from each other we are all human beings with desires, dreams, and hopes for the future. We assemble ourselves in adversarial roles against each other and by doing this create more conflict and hardship for ourselves without ever realizing it. Life can be tough there is no denying that, but it stands to reason that should we humans choose to work together that life can become less chaotic and more people-centric as opposed to the self-centered dystopia we see today.

The first time one chooses to deceive to attempt to gain some advantage over another, it is usually a hard choice to make. As that person continues to make that decision, it becomes more comfortable, and they lose their humanity in the process. It’s true that to some degree everyone lies, but not everyone feels guilty for the lies they tell, and these people will continue to deceive even when no benefits spring from their deception. I can only guess at the cause of this deterioration in values in a once value-based society. I think it has a lot to do with social engineering and the force-feeding of a sexualized agenda that promotes promiscuity while devaluing human life by supporting abortions for any accidental pregnancies that occur. Some forces within the government encourage promiscuity by offering tax incentives to babies that are born; however, these same forces attack traditional families therefore many of these subsidized youths are without father figures and thus seek them out and quite often find the deviants of our society and in doing so become one themselves.

We also used to be a society that valued principles. If a man stood upon his principles and lost everything, he didn’t lose his honor or his integrity.  People today are quite afraid to stand up to perceived power in others or organizations; they fear the consequences of going against the grain. We are a nation built upon men and women that fearlessly challenge authority regardless of the outcome because they know they are in the right. We have instead become a nation of mewling cattle, content to be led about by those that exercise an authority based only on power and not any virtue. I for one will always stand with my principles against all that would choose to impugn my honor or integrity. Any man that would ask another to go against that which he believes is not a man but a eunuch that is devoid of all that makes a man honorable and virtuous and such men deserve no respect regardless of their positions, and they’ll have none from me. When we sacrifice what we believe in to placate others we essentially are saying that we have no value in this world and that we as a person are a failure. Such a loss of self-respect is for those mentioned above, but we as a people should strive to be everything we dreamed and never compromise our principles.

Never surrender to the forces of corruption around, even if you lose all that you own you will still have your soul. The reason this nation seems to be crumbling is that we have lost what has made this country great, our backbones. We capitulate to those in power just because they are and never stop to think that might does not make right. A principled living is the right way to live even if the majority rail against traditional values and family structure. We shouldn’t be afraid to stand up to authority when it is wrong, and though they may try to destroy you they can never eradicate the idea, and thus they will fail if enough people challenge their impotence. Those that sell their souls for temporary prosperity will sell you out as well because that’s what they are sell-outs, weakness personified. Live your life according to your moral code and never let another person compromise the principles you hold dear, or you risk becoming that which we should all detest.

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